Writing Projects

The Last Look – Novel (QUERY STAGE)

When Haleigh discovers letters written by Josh, she learns that her marriage was never what it seemed; but it takes a tragic accident for her to learn how untrue she’s been to herself, forcing her to choose between a chance at real love or chasing her dreams.

Autumn’s Return – Novel (REVISION Stage) 

Turning thirty is not what Autumn thought it would be. Her birthday party should have been the annual- albeit humiliating- family tradition spent at the local Mexican joint wearing a sombrero as the wait staff sings, “Happy Birthday.” Instead, it was replaced by an event that the whole world could view. Hundreds of strangers traveled to Autumn’s quaint Wisconsin hometown to watch her step out on a makeshift stage in her parents’ backyard and be the first public Target of Bridging the Six Degrees, an event planning experiment designed to strengthen connections and deepen personal relationships in a social media platform. Exposed under bright lights with a camera crew recording every minute, thirty of the audience members challenge Autumn to complete an activity that transformed each of their lives. 

With a pending move overseas and cracks forming in her once seemingly perfect marriage to Mark, Crimson Bay was the last place Autumn needed to return. It’s the one place her true self always remained; the one place that could make her doubt all the decisions she’s made about Mark and their ever-changing future. 

With ninety days to complete the thirty challenges, Autumn embarks on the adventures with her two best friends and a man from her hometown that she’s only beginning to know. As dreams from her past collide with the reality of her present, Autumn must decide if the life she has is worth sacrificing what she’s always truly wanted. 

Letters From Them – Short Story Collection (IN PROGRESS)

A short story collection of exaggerated fictional pieces of very real dating, hating, loving, cheating, marrying, divorcing, fearing, surviving, living experiences in a letter written to the person that either stole, abused or broke the heart of the protagonist, interweaved with the story of how the two people came to be.