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Dream Building:Side Business Money
Dream Building:
Side Business Money

In this self-study course, you’ll receive six weeks of step-by-step guidance for how to find the perfect side business idea tailored to your strengths and build it from the ground up so you can make money while working from home in a business you’re passionate about.

Dream Building with Confidence: Empowering You
Dream Building with Confidence: Empowering You

Sometimes we all need a little reset in life. If you feel like you’ve lost sense of who you are, your dreams, and your direction, join in on this course to get eight weeks of empowerment coaching and lessons to guide you back to the core of what makes you you.

Goal & Time Management Bootcamp
Goal & Time Management Bootcamp

SIXTY DAYS of mindset training, goal setting challenges, and time management advice.  ALL done with a group of like-minded women who want the same thing out of life: happiness, balance, and to achieve the dreams on their heart.  Bootcamp starts November 1st.

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